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Little Explorers Montessori rebrands to Explorers Schools

Little Explorers, Ghana’s premier accredited Montessori institution, has metamorphosized into Explorers Schools after investing heavily in infrastructure for almost two decades of operation.

The school which only operated early childhood, after a rigorous assessment and evaluation process by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) an independent statutory body committed to improving learning experiences in the country, has been granted accreditation to start admissions for the primary level.

Explorers Primary is being positioned to offer teaching and learning under three different models – Montessori, NaCCA and Cambridge curricula with special attention to cultural diversity to meet the diverse backgrounds of the pupils.

Founder of the school, Kamilla Kirpalani, in her address at the official relaunch ceremony, mentioned that Little Explorers which started in 2007 with just 12 kids in a back yard of a house has become a beacon of Montessori education in the country, with about 220 pupils from 40 different countries.


She added that in Africa, and particularly Ghana, the landscape of education is evolving rapidly, witnessing a dynamic shift towards embracing new methodologies and philosophies that prioritize the holistic development of children.

“At Primary Explorers, we stand at the forefront of this educational revolution. We dare to blend the esteemed Montessori and Cambridge curricula, offering our students a unique and enriching learning experience that is unparalleled.

“We believe that each child is unique, with their strengths, passions, and talents waiting to be nurtured. Our mission is clear, to cultivate agentic learners who are passionate, curious, and bold in their pursuit of knowledge,” she said.

Additionally, she reiterated that management strives to instill in the students the values of compassion, innovation, global citizenship, concentration, independence, and a thirst for lifelong learning.

The Principal of Explorers Primary, Katherine Kartey, on her part said: “Our school is more than just a place of education; it is a nurturing and diverse community dedicated to the growth and development of every child. Within our beautiful primary school building, carefully designed to inspire and foster creativity, our students thrive in an environment filled with natural light, soft colours, and uncluttered spaces. Our classrooms are havens of harmony and order, where learning materials are thoughtfully arranged to promote independence and focused activity,” she said.

Chief Director, Ministry of Education (MoF), Mamle Andrews, speaking on behalf of the Education Minister, Dr Yaw Osei Adutwum, echoed that the world today continues to evolve, hence the country cannot afford but to produce a critical mass of learners who have been equipped with 21st-century skills -critical thinking, creativity, and effective communication.

She added that the MoF acknowledges the profound importance of quality early childhood education, not only for sustaining educational excellence but also for shaping the future leaders and innovators of our nation.

Notwithstanding, the indispensable role of infrastructure in facilitating effective teaching and learning environments cannot be underestimated, hence the excitement of the ministry about the infrastructure investment made by the school.

“The launch of the Primary Explorers initiative signifies a bold step towards unlocking another chapter of education in Ghana. By investing in modern and conducive learning spaces, we are investing in the future of our nation and creating an environment that offers continuity with familiar routines and learning materials that provide new lessons and opportunities for more complex exploration and discovery,” she said.

In 2009, Little Explorers, now Explorers Schools gained its United Kingdom (UK) accreditation from the Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation for which it acquired a Grade One. In May 2017, it renewed its accreditation for the third time. In 2019, the school attained Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (IQAA), South Africa validation which it will renew in 2024.

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